1. Workers' COMP-LINK‚ POC™ System - Paper Form Processing Center

Description:Workers' COMP-LINK will accept your POC data in hard copy form and submit to the KDWC on your behalf after providing full assurance that your data complies with KDWC's mandatory POC data requirements. We will provide you with immediate acknowledgment. We maintain an electronic record which is accessible to carriers and self insureds. The record contains the dates and times of submittal/acceptance of each POC record.



2. Workers' COMP-LINK‚ POC™ System - Internet Data Entry Version

Description:Provides on-line, internet data entry of POC data for new policy submittals, cancellations, updates, etc., for use by insurance carriers and self insured groups. IAIABC standard POC form appears on the data entry PC. Low level POC data editing is performed automatically and concurrently at the time of keyboard data entry. Data prompts are provided and the data entry clerk is immediately notified of any errors. Completed POC forms are identified with a tracking number, date and time stamped and sent directly to the compliance data base resident on KDWC's computer. Instantaneous acknowledgments are provided the carrier and self insured and, a transaction log is maintained on behalf of each for their on-line access and use.



3. Workers' COMP-LINK‚ POC™ System - Internet Batch Data Version

Description:This system is a Batch Version of the POC Internet Data Entry Version, discussed above. Insurance carriers and self insureds interested in transferring POC data in batches are provided with a complete definition and instructions for installation of Workers' COMP-LINK proprietary POC data string format. If required, Workers' COMP-LINK's staff is available to assist interested parties. All features and functions including low level editing, acknowledgments, transaction tracking, etc., as described in the description of the 'Internet Data Entry Version' above, are available to 'Internet Batch Data Version' users.