From the Internet to your Database!

Workers' COMP-LINK has developed EDI Internet solutions for submitting forms to state agencies, such as the POC, FROI and SROI. Imagine eliminating the time consuming process of filling out paper forms and them being rejected because a date was wrong or FEIN number was incomplete. Reduce redundant submissions due to accidental mistakes, or inputting incorrect conditional information, such as Type/Reason Codes. This won't happen with WCL's suite of Internet forms. All low level editing is completed before you're able to submit the transaction, so you will know instantly if there's a problem. All of these features equal a cost savings for your company.

WCL will also send a receipt via e-mail that has a date and time stamp along with a tracking number of each submission and acknowledgment sent back from the state. The best part of the whole process is it takes 3 minutes to fill out a form and submit it to the state, and 24 hours to receive the state's acknowledgments,

If you would like to more information on the Workers' COMP-LINK® POC™ e-mail us or Call 1-937-438-0158.

Not Interested in the Internet?

No Problem! WCL has a Batch Processing solution as well as a Paper Form Processing Center. Just contact us and we'll tell you all about them.

The Workers' COMP-LINK® POC™ is based on the standards established by the IAIABC.

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