‘Proof of Coverage’...data from your computer to the State’s computer!


In response to the decision by many States to eliminate the transmittal and handling of ‘Proof of Coverage’ data using  paper forms, Workers’ COMP-LINK developed IAIABC approved EDI Internet solutions. These solutions make it easy and foolproof to submit workers’ compensation data using a PC. Now using your office computer you can submit ‘Proof of Coverage’ compliance data directly. From your computer to the State of your choice. Imagine eliminating the time to fill out paper forms, submitting them to the State, waiting for a response and then having them returned because of an error. This can’t happen if your using the Workers’ COMP-LINK  ‘Proof of Coverage’ EDI solution. Your data is automatically checked while being entered. Errors are caught, identified and corrected before you submit your data to the State. You submit ‘good’ data only.


Further, when you submit to the State you receive an acknowledgement e-mail notifying you of the submission along with the date and time of submittal. You can also retain a copy of the completed ‘Proof of Coverage’ form just sent…if you want it. You will receive a second acknowledgement e-mail from the State which contains the date and time of acceptance by the State.


The best part of the whole process, it only takes a few minutes to fill out the form and 24 hours later you get an acceptance acknowledgement from the State. The process is easy, fast and extremely affordable. No software to license or load, no maintenance fees and  no support fees. You provide the computer with Internet access and we provide the rest.


What about sending your ‘Proof of Coverage’ directly from your computer or, what can you do if you don’t have Internet access?


No Problem! We offer a Batch Processing solution which permits your computer to ‘speak’ to our computer and automatically transfer your ‘Proof of Coverage’ batch data to us.


If you don’t have Internet access our ‘Paper Form Processing Center’ will convert the simplified paper form which we provide and you complete and send to us. We convert your form into an EDI transaction and send the data on your behalf. Call us. We will fill you in with the details.



‘Proof of Coverage’ - Features and Functions


·  Internet Based


·  Expedited Data Submission and Acknowledgement


·  Length of POC Form, Approximately 2 Pages – State Required Data Only


·  POC Form Pre-Populated With Carrier Specific Data to Reduce Data Entry Time and 



·  Ability to Populate Repetitive Data With a Single Stroke – Reduced Data Entry Time


·  Unlimited Number of Data Entry Stations per Carrier


·  Monthly Carrier Data Submission Activity Log by District Offices and/or Affiliates 


·  Unique Carrier USER Name and PASSWORD(S) With Automatic Verification and



·  Permanently Visible ‘HELP’ Screens


·  ‘Type/Reason’ Code Combinations Checked for Accuracy Prior to Submission to State


·  ‘Over-the-Shoulder’ Monitoring and Editing (Low Level) During Data Entry


·  Preparer Receives Date/Time Stamp on Completion and Submission of Data to State


·  Preparer Receives Date/Time Stamp From State as Data is Accepted by State


·  The Ability to Recall Any Prior Submitted POC Submissions For Review, Correction and

    Re-Submission or Filing


·  Secured Compliance POC Data Information Accessible by Carrier of Record at Any Time

    for Review and/or Download via Internet Containing Data, Date/Time Stamps, etc.


·  Fully Supported by Workers’ COMP-LINK and State’s Department of Workers’



If you would like more information or a demo of the Workers’ COMP-LINKâ ‘Proof of Coverage’ EDI solution, send us an e-mail at,




or call us at, (937) 438-0158.